Reiki Mastership Programme

New Reiki Mastership Programme 2020

Sunday 2nd February 2020 - Reiki One

Saturday 22nd February & Sunday 23rd February 2020 - Reiki Two

Saturday 14th March & Sunday 15th March 2020 - Reiki Master

Dr. Usui Reiki Mastership Programme

Jen's Reiki weekends are designed for anyone who wants to qualify as a Reiki Master & Teacher. Jen will guide you through all 3 levels of Reiki and support you as you complete your case studies.


At Dr. Usui Reiki Level One, Two & Three you will:

You will receive an attunement each time to connect you to your new Reiki energy. These are beautiful weekends where you will learn so much about Dr. Usui's Reiki. By the end of your Reiki training you will be confident giving a full Reiki healing to your friends, family and new clients.

You will learn all about Reiki...the history, the 5 principles, hand positions for healings, alternative treatments, client care and so much more.  After these weekends you will deepen your experience with meditation. Jen will be guiding you to work intuitively, adding in your own skills to make your healing sessions unique to you. Jen encourages everyone to heal from their hearts and use their intuition when helping others which was integral to Dr. Usui’s method of working with Reiki. Jen believes that everyone has different unique gifts and they usually show up when you start giving healings.

At the end of your training on 22nd March 2020, you are eligible to get your malpractice insurance. You can start charging money for Reiki and start up your business from helping others with your beautiful healings.

If you decide to become a Reiki Practitioner this is done as part of Reiki Master on our last weekend together. Your will need to complete 16 case studies within six months (22nd September 2020).  I will issue you with your Reiki Practitioner Certificate on completion of your case studies. Once you receive this qualification you can work professionally as a Reiki Practitioner and advertise yourself on the Reiki Federation of Ireland's website if you wish (yearly membership fee, First Aid and Anatomy and Physiology required).


Course Content:


History Dr. Usui
Benefits of Reiki
Miracle Stories
PEMS - Explained
Five Reiki Principles
Two Spiritual Precepts
Good Karma for 21 days x 3
Paying it Forward
Helping Others when you are in a good place
Self Healing
Bed Treatments
Reiki & Abundance
Sacred Reiki Symbols & their benefits
Distant Healing
Techniques for Intuitive Reiki sessions
Clearing negative energy from a room, a home or an office
Importance of meditation practices
Karma Clearing
Breaking the ties
Setting up your Reiki business
Reiki Aftercare for your clients
How to structure a unique healing from start to finish
Japanese sacred symbols
Using the sacred symbols on yourself
Discussion on Reiki Practitioner (Case studies 4x4 = 16 hours)
Insurance for working as a Reiki Healer

These workshops are set in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with like minded people. Plenty of time is allocated to your questions so you feel confident that when you leave you you can do a Reiki Healing from start to finish.


You will also receive:
- 4 Reiki Manuals to take home for reference on all learning
- 4 Certificates of Completion of Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 & Reiki Practitioner in compliance with the RFI (Reiki Federation of Ireland)


Reiki One: 
Date:  Sunday 2nd February 2020
Location: Castle Bagot House, Baldonnell
Time: 9am to 4pm
Lunch: Vegetarian lunch provided


Reiki Two:
Date:  Saturday 22nd February & Sunday 23rd February 2020
Location: Castle Bagot House, Baldonnell
Time: 9am to 4pm on both days
Lunch: Vegetarian lunch provided


Reiki Master & Teacher:
Date:  Saturday 14th March & Sunday 15th March 2020
Location: Castle Bagot House, Baldonnell
Time: 9am to 4pm 1st day and 9am to 12pm 2nd day

To secure your place you need to pay a deposit of €100

Full amount: €995
Saving: €555


Bank Name:  Zen Wellness
Account Number: 80648035
Sort Code: 932515
IBAN:  IE28AIBK93251580648035
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You should always question your potential Reiki teachers as to their experience and qualifications. And as importantly, you should feel comfortable and confident when you speak to the Reiki Master who is holding the class. Always trust your intuition and gut feeling 



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Dublin D22 R6A0

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