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Reiki Mastership Programme 2022

Register & pay your deposit to secure your place by e-mailing

My course is now all online using pre-recorded videos on drop-box which you will get access to and can watch in your own time and pace and we will also have 1:1 zoom calls to clarify any questions you may have, cut the chords and do your attunement at each level. 

I will guide you through all levels of Reiki and support you every step of the way by learning 1:1 with me. My Reiki Mastership Mentoring Programme is designed to cater for those who want to use Reiki on a personal or professional level. No previous experience in Reiki or meditation is needed. You are only required to love helping people, have a good heart and good intentions for everyone you heal. I hold your hand as you learn privately with me on Zoom in your own time. 


If you do the full programme it takes people on average 3 to 5 months to complete and integrate all the three attunements energetically.


Reiki is a magical Japanese healing technique and experienced as the purest form of love there is. Reiki is a special energy that comes straight from your heart chakra as love / white light and it is the highest frequency we can give transfer to others. Reiki has been such a powerful tool in my own life. I've witnessed many miracles in my life since I discovered it over 15 years ago. I love seeing my students spiritually evolve as they start on their journey with me to become a qualified healer / energy worker / light worker.


I will always remain your Reiki Master and I will be here to support you as you begin your own healing journey. You also heal on a deep level as you learn Reiki with me. You receive at least 3 Intuitive Healings with me as you go through the Reiki Mastership Programme. Everything comes to the surface to be released as you become the clearest channel and give the best quality healing to others. You are going to soul search while you learn just how magnificent Reiki really is. It's a life changing course and everyone who comes on this jounrey with me is blown away by the changes they see in their life. 


You will be the best version of yourself by the time you complete the 5 Reiki qualifications. Wait and see the difference in your own energy and mindset. At the end of your training, you are eligible to get your malpractice insurance. You can start charging money for Reiki and start up your business from helping others with your beautiful healings.

During your training it is highly recommended that you complete your case studies and build up your confidence using Reiki.

Your Reiki Practitioner certificate is posted to you once you completed 16 hours of healing on 4 people (friends or family).

Reiki Practitioner and Advanced Reiki Practitioner are recommended if you are planning to charge money for your healings. You will need to complete your case studies within twelve months from your Reiki 2 attunement. Once you receive your 5 qualifications you can work professionally as a Reiki Master and advertise yourself on the Reiki Federation of Ireland's website if you wish (yearly membership fee, First Aid and Anatomy and Physiology required).


Course Content


History of Dr. Usui                          Benefits of Reiki
Miracle Stories                                 PEMS - Explained
Five Reiki Principles                                 Two Spiritual Precepts
Good Karma for 21 days x 3                             Paying it Forward with Reiki
Helping others                                        Self healing with Reiki
Bed & chair treatments                         Reiki - Golden Heart
Distant healing for individuals & groups                           Techniques for intuitive Reiki sessions
Meditation & its importance                                 Importance of morning rituals
Karma clearing using symbols                                       Breaking the ties / Cutting the cords
Setting up your Reiki business                             Reiki aftercare for your clients

Japanese sacred symbols                                                            Using the sacred symbols on yourself & others
Reiki Practitioner (Case studies 4x4 = 16 hours)                  Insurance for working as a Reiki Healer


Reiki Level 1: €250

Course videos on Dropbox & 90 min 1:1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement to one ray of Reiki. 


Reiki Level 2: €400

Course videos on Dropbox & 90 min 1:1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement to four rays of Reiki. 


Reiki Level 3 - Mastership: €555

Course videos on Dropbox & 90 min 1:1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement to last two rays of Reiki. 


Reiki Practitioner Certificate: €400

12 months to complete case studies x 16 hours of reiki on 4 friends & family


Advanced Reiki Practitioner Certificate: €400

Course videos are all on Dropbox & 90 min 1:1 call with Jen on Zoom which includes cord cutting, healing & attunement. 


3 Zoom calls with Jen x 90 mins = €300 + Courses €2,005 = €2,305


The above 5 levels of Reiki discounted to €1,805 when you sign up for all 5 levels of Reiki. 


Bank Name:  Zen Wellness Jennifer Corcoran
IBAN:  IE54AIBK93351138997056
'Click family and friends option to avoid additional fees'


You should always question your potential Reiki teachers as to their experience and qualifications. And as importantly, you should feel comfortable and confident when you speak to the Reiki Master who is holding the class. Always trust your intuition and gut feeling 




I have now completed my Reiki Mastership & Mentoring Programme with Jen. 


Where do I start? This is more than just a mentorship programme that will teach you all you need to know to become a Reiki Master Practitioner. It is a journey of becoming. Jen walks alongside you ever step of the way. There is so much more than the 1:1 Zooms, which are incredible BTW. It’s the lists of questions via email in between. It’s the constant commitment to helping you get to where you want to be. Jen will walk alongside you at your pace. You can do this in 3 months or 12 months, it’s up to you. The reassurance provided is invaluable. Jen will see you before you see you. Jen will believe in you before you believe in yourself too. But when you both then see the same person, the magic happens and you step into your light, into your purpose. This is single handedly the best thing I have ever committed to. I see Reiki as my future, my business and it looks and feels wonderful. 


I’m forever grateful to have found Jen and her teachings. 


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