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I am pleased to announce a new collaboration is happening between Junior Genius, Zen Wellness and Christine Clinton, Wellness for Life. 

Christine Clinton is also the founder and CEO of Christine Clinton Cancer Care, an education company specialising in teaching therapists how to safely look after their clients. She attended Clinical training in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard and had the distinct pleasure of meeting his Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Christine has been in the wellness sector for over 29 years and is certified in many modalities including Massage, Skincare, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Energy Medicine and Mind Body Medicine. 

Christine has been a Spa Director, a Spa Owner and Chief examiner USA for an internationally recognised awarding body based in London (ITEC). 

Christine is the Chair of the Global Wellness For Children initiative, a facilitator of the WHISKIDS program and is on the advisory board of Whimsy World.

Christine is dedicated to creating wellness awareness around the globe and has spoken at The World Spa & Wellness convention in Dubai and Phuket. 

Jennifer is the CEO & Founder of Zen Wellness. She is a gifted and dedicated healer, deeply spiritual and passionate about helping others and children.

After a successful career in the Corporate World, Jennifer decided to fully embrace her gift and engage with her true life purpose. Jennifer has spent considerable time developing her skills as a healer, undertaking various courses, attending workshops and becoming highly qualified in all things Holistic. 

Jennifer opened a large Wellness Centre in Dublin, she created 15 Wellness Retreats in Ireland, she's taught over 100 people Reiki 1, 2 & 3, runs special overseas retreats in Italy every April and October & Jennifer has designed over 11 Corporate Wellness Days for large companies. Jennifer's true purpose: to be a source of love, happiness and inspiration in the world.

Junior Genius are the pilot programme for the wellness for children initiative and hope to be able to utilise both Jen from Zen Wellness and Christine's from Wellness For Life skills and knowledge to make positive change for our children, staff and families.

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