Sunrise yoga
Evening yoga
Jen meditating
Yoga pose
Drone view of yoga
Sunset on beach
Beach Burning Ceremony

Italy Wellness Retreat

Sometimes, life gets in the way of taking care of yourself. This retreat is designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul in the beautiful south of Italy. Whether you want to de-stress, meditate, experience a relaxed culture, connect with like-minded people, replenish your energy or just step back from life's obligations then this is the perfect get away for you. Our passionate wellness experts will welcome you with open arms at the airport & you will feel yourself switching off within hours of arriving. Over the 5 days you will focus on your own emotional well-being and unblock anything that’s been holding you back.


Jen has found the perfect remote location in a beautiful Italian hotel, walking distance to a private beach which will be sure to recharge your energy and help you to rediscover your happy self again. This retreat is tailored for those of you who have been pushing too hard for too long. Jen gets it. She’s been there herself and that’s what inspired her to create her own unique wellness retreats in Italy.


The daily schedule includes a morning meditation; daily positive gossiping & journaling; daily beach walks; several hours during the week for self-exploration, a “letting go” beach ceremony; and the option of receiving therapeutic massages or intuitive healings (1:1 appointments are an additional cost). The days wind down with gorgeous Italian dinner (& glass of wine if you decide), sunsets on the beach & so much more. 


On the first day Jen & her team will meet everyone at Lamezia Airport. After dinner we will take a short walk down to the beach and open the retreat with a burning ceremony and guided meditation. This meditation will ground us, help us dissolve any worries, stress & anxiety. This will be an experience you will never forget. What an excellent way to start off our retreat!


Jen’s holistic view of wellness focuses on managing stress, consistent daily meditation, morning rituals, daily mindful beach walks, empowering workshops, eating freshly prepared meals, alone time at the pool or beach plus enjoying the breathtaking sunrises & sunsets on the beach.


Jen’s goal is to change your mindset, raise your vibrational frequency and help you make important changes that will actually stick when you return home. Jen & her team will teach everyone how mental and emotional health are just as important as physical health.

We have an amazing community of people that attend our retreats. Whether you visit solo or with a friend, you will be surrounded by kind, supportive people and make important friendships you will cherish for years to come.