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Jennifer Corcoran is an Intuitive Healer, Soul Coach & Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Law of Attraction Consultant, Aura Reader, Happiness Coach, Speaker, Retreat Leader and Feng Shui Consultant. She is the Founder of the only Reiki Mastership Programme in the World.


Jennifer has created several unqiue spiritual and healing programs, runs Soul Awakening retreats around the World and offers powerful online one-on-one sessions, 6 week wellness programs & gives so much inner guidance to soul searchers. 

Over the past thirteen years Jennifer has worked one-on-one with over two thousand people around the World, including International singers, CEO's & their management teams, acclaimed actors, and Olympic athletes. 

Jennifer has mentored and taught thousands of students in her own private practice (Reiki Master & Teacher / Meditation & Mindfulness / Heart Opening Ceremonies to name a few). Through her insights and spiritual practices, Jennifer opens the heart, mind and inner eye of her students and clients so that they see all that is possible for them and really live into the flourishing life of their dreams with ease, awareness, joy and vitality. They experience a greater love within themselves, harmonious relationships, a heightened sense of clarity and confidence in their lives, and a deeper connection to their source energy and life path. She helps people fall in love, whatever that means for them, helps entrepreneurs grow their business to the next level and helps to create powerfully conscious individuals in the World through a body-mind-spirit approach.


Jennifer loves her morning rituals which help her to live consciously, with an open heart each day. She believes that we can all shine bright, radiate unconditional love to others and really LIVE the LIVES we ARE MEANT TO LIVE!

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Zen Wellness List of Holistic Treatments:


*Intuitive Healing (Most popular treatment)


*Mini Indian Head, 5 Healings & Aromatherapy Foot Massage


*Hopi Ear Candling with Healing 


*Aura Clearing & Energy Release 


*Heart Chakra Healing with Rose Quartz 


*Happiness Coaching 

*Feng Shui Consultations


*Reiki Healing   


*Magnified Healing 


*Angelic Healing


*Holistic Foot & Head Massage plus Energy Balancing 

*Vision Board Session 


Price depends on the amount of time you would like for your treatment.


55 mins:  60 Euro

75 mins:  80 Euro

90 mins:  100 Euro


Phone: ‪‪‪‪‪085 873 8999


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