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A Virtual Healing

So what happens on a Virtual Intuitive Healing?


What  to expect: 

A 10 minute consultation. 

A guided meditation to ground your energy. 

Jen  will be sending healing to your PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual layers). 

I use 7 different healing modalities that I am trained in. I do this by a virtual call using WhatsApp video on your phone or a Zoom video which you can do via your computer or a Zoom App on your phone - whichever you prefer.. 

Everyone's energy becomes stuck over time. This can happen due to your lifestyle, the people you surround yourself with, your job etc. People sometimes book in with me and they don't always know why they booked in. I always say when it's the right time for a healing you will feel this pull to the right healer for you. Every healer offers different gifts. No two healers are the same. We all come from a place of love. 

All you need:

A candle 

A warm throw 

A bed to lay on 

A glass of water 


During a virtual healing I pick out the affirmation cards I feel are right for you, I send distant healing from my heart chakra, I realign and balance your energy systems & bring you to a higher vibrational frequency. I channel the positive messages I feel your soul needs to hear.


Everything we cover off on our video call will be for your highest good. A virtual healing with positive affirmations & intuitive messages ultimately helps you physically, emotionally and spiritually evolve. A wide range of healing modalities can be used utilizing the power of the sacred elements, angel cards, spiritual books, crystals and sound healing. When you experience a virtual healing you go on a journey during a guided meditation to release unnecessary layers that no longer serve you and replenish and rebalance with your divine light & love, shifting you back to “Your True Divine Self”. 


You rest at home in your bed or in a quiet space while I work with you to let go of what no longer serves (i.e. feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, regret, physical pain). We begin the session with a 10 minute conversation in candlelight. I facilitate the session remotely working with your energy. Sending energy with intention works in wonderful ways, just like you were sitting next to me. Its a powerful healing experience  . 

What happens after you have a Virtual Intuitive Healing? 


After your healing, Jen will  give feedback on what  she  picked up on and then some tips for going forward. 

They are going to be powerful and magical ! 

So when you have an Intuitive Healing done new ideas come out of nowhere for at least a week afterwards....I call them "light bulb downloads" or "golden nuggets" of information. Random miracles start to unfold for my clients they can't always be explained. 

Everything starts to feel clearer in your mind including decisions you might need to make. Any stuck energy starts to flow again. Your "chi" is balanced and negative energy dissolves. 


When your energy is in a good place you can really connect in with your inner knowing. All the answers you seek are within. I just help you to silence your mind so you start to access them. 

A lot of my clients say they feel more intuitive after an Intuitive healing. 90 minutes of an Intuitive Healing is the equivalent to 6 hours deep sleep  

I absolutely love helping people to find their inner light again. I always recommend 4 sessions to new clients spaced out about 2 weeks apart approximately.

90 mins €100


"I wish everyone would experience an Intuitive Healing session from you. I honestly feel different since our time together. To be honest, before the session, I had doubts. It was the first time I tried energy healing, especially virtually.  After 90 mins, I am totally convinced that virtual distant healing works! I didn't understand how you did it, but when you started working on me, I felt the waves of energy & heat all over my body. Everything was tingling at one point. Towards the end the tears just start flowing down my face. I saw colours & felt really at peace. But most importantly I felt so amazing and loved, all the problems I had in my heart & mind are gone, thanks so much Jen. An amazing experience which I want to introduce to my friends & family now too. Your are gifted for sure!!!"


- Anne B. (Distance intuitive healing infused with Reiki)

London, UK

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