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Manifest Your Dream Life Vision Board Workshop

Jen’s manifest your dream life workshop are one of her most powerful workshops! Jen will help you learn how to make your desires known to the universe and how to manifest them in divine timing. Jen will teach you personal rituals to raise your vibration and attract your heart’s desires.

We will be working with vision boards, manifestation statements, money mantras, law of attraction hypnosis, visualisation, cutting the cords, grounding your energy and more.

What does your heart long for? Quality relationships? More personal development? Better health? Increased wealth?

Step into your destiny with confidence using Jen’s steps which you can repeat over and over again in the future.

Now is the perfect time for joining a community of people who want to start making their best life happen. Your vibe attracts your tribe so let's come together & build one another up so we can all manifest our dream life.


During my workshop I’ll be helping you to get rid of everything that doesn’t nourish you spiritually and breaking the cords from unhealthy energies.

I'll show you my vision boards & explain how I manifest super fast using mantras & visualisation techniques.

Let’s come together and start manifesting amazing things into your life.

Join Jen on this life-changing manifestation workshop.

Create your own personal rituals and start attracting what your heart desires.


Fee: €33.33

Email to register for our next Zoom event:

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