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Zen Jen


I am an Intuitive Healer, Dr. Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Law of Attraction Coach, Aura Reader, Happiness Coach, Wellness Retreat Leader and Feng Shui Consultant.

I am the founder of Dr. Usui's Reiki Mastership Programme which I have been teaching to light workers

since 2016.

My passion is supporting people as they find their inner light again and watching their spark come back even brighter than before! I believe we should cherish every moment as a precious gift. I teach my clients the importance of gratitude, living in the moment, paying it forward, always doing your best and keeping your karma squeaky clean.

I have mentored thousands of students as they embark or go deeper on their spiritual journey. I create sacred spaces for groups to come together in a like minded uplifting community for Reiki Courses / Meditation & distant healing events / Heart opening ceremonies / Wellness retreats / Law of attraction).


Through my sessions I remind my clients what is possible for their life, remind them of their gifts and encourage them to flourish. My clients have reported experiencing greater love within themselves, harmonious relationships, little miracles, a heightened sense of clarity, increased confidence, improved mental health and a deep connection to their own inner wisdom.

When a client e-mails, I tune into their energy straight away. If I feel there is a different healer that will serve you better I will always recommend someone who has trained with me instead.


If our energy feels aligned and you are booked in with me over Zoom I use a combination of all my qualifications and unique gifts. I never know what way an Intuitive healing will go until I read your aura on the day.


 I intuitively tailor your session every time we connect. No two sessions are ever the same. Our energy is constantly changing due to so many different factors (Full moon, direction of planets, your life experiences, monthly cycle etc.). I always recommend 4 sessions when someone books in with me for the very 1st time. Sometimes during my sessions with clients I channel messages, use crystals, sound healing, aromatherapy, guided meditation scripts and give golden nuggets of information. My sessions are aimed to lift my clients vibrational frequency to a higher level.

I am extremely passionate about spreading my wisdom and knowledge with others. Over the years my Reiki class numbers have grown significantly. I am extremely grateful that people enjoy my teaching style. Due to the increased numbers, I have moved my very popular Reiki Mastership programme online to Zoom. Teaching my courses online now allows me to reach more people around the World which is incredible. When a light worker joins my Reiki Mastership programme I always support them until they are ready to spread their wings as a Reiki Master and fly high.

When I am not with my clients I am wife and a mum to my son Bodhi and my daughter Everleigh.

Both of their names have a spiritual meaning and we are so lucky to have them.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me.

Have a look around my website and see if anything I offer excites you.




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